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Sharanas’ Invitation to make the earth as a heaven.

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Without giving clear stand of god some shrines ( Matas) created confusion. Only four Matas propounded about shapeless Shiva rest of all Matas stand on confusion . Therefore we should not depend on anyone except the Sharanas of 12th Century and decide to stop Polytheism (worshiping malty god) to establish identical concept of God by worshiping single faith Shiva in the form of Ishtalinga. This strengthens the religion and develops brotherhood.

There is no meaning for life if a man does not know what is God. The man is different from animal and birds because the God has given the special knowledge of awareness to man.Awareness leads to know the God by understanding goodness. We say whatever we see is God, believe it and worship it. We are making our life in vain without understanding the God’s right path of knowledge and worshipping stone, soil and idols. Even in ourhouse many idols were kept and worshipped. We have now been changed by the grace of Lord Basavanna and Sharanas and have understood who real God is. We have been experiencing shapeless Shiva by the way of Shivayoga (the right path which leads to Shiva). Every human being should dedicate his devotion and surrender to the shapeless Shiva to attain salvation.

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