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Sharana Shri. Krishnappa is the devotee of Lord Basaveshwara

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Sharana Shri. Krishnappa is the devotee of Lord Basaveshwara, follower of sharana philosophy and the former Member of city municipal council,

He was awardee of CENTRALgovt Youth Award in social SERVICE,Basava Bhushana Award,and JAGADGURU tontadarya state award

He has been exercising a lot of work to propagate Basava philosophy. He understood clearly that, if Basava

philosophy is not spread through visual media, it would be an obstacle to promote the development of Basava philosophy. He has been trying to propagate Basava philosophy through Television.

He knew that no Any other Television is propagating Basava philosophy.

He knew cores of rupees are required to establish a T.V. and monthly lakhs of rupees is necessary to run the T.V. But with braveness, without losing courage with the blessings of Basava and Sharanas Sri Krishnappa and his better off Sharane Smt. Yashodamma established Sri. Basava T.V. By believing the devotees of Basava will run this T.V.

Sri. Basava TV is the property of Basava Devotees, Disciples of Basava and people of Basava Religion. It should grow infinitely and spread the Basava Religion, augment the Sharana Culture and values of human being's morality in the state, in country and in abroad. To unite the different forms of worshipping and Shivayoga and to compromise in following different practices and to establish the strongest Society of Sharanas. To imbibe World brotherhood, World Love and social harmony. If such a religious atmosphere needs to be created in the world, the philosophy and practice of Basava and Sharanas should be embodied in the heart of every human being. Everyone needs to be examined based on knowledge, experience, values, practice and philosophy. Sharana Shri. Krishnappa has firm confidence that all these aspirations will be possessed by Shri. Basava T.V.

Be the Members of the ‘Basava ThatvaPracharaPrathistana (R) theFounder of Basava TV.

Kindly support Sri. Basava T.V. and join your hands for thepropagation of Basava Philosophy.

The universe is the Supreme House of God, everything has been created systematically in accordance with his interest. The Immortal is the owner of the entire space. He created everything, a beautiful world for human beings and all living kinds. He kept the lights of Sun and Moon in space and made the earth and all the planets revolve around the Sun. Along with creating day and night he created seasons. He created the gravity force to enable the earth to keep everything movable and immovable with it. He made all the provisions to supply everything that human beings want. As per the wish of Immortal, time and again the prophets, the Messengers of God and Religious Preachers are being born to awake the human beings who are forgetting God after using all the comforts that He has given.A candle listan another candle the representatives of Immortal have been giving the light of knowledge to the world by eradicating the darkness of ignorance. The Immortal is shapeless, intangible, Sole Supreme God, Antiquity, Form of Light, Universal wide.

He is ever complete, creator, protector of the universe, pure consciousness and energy, infinity, ever fact and is ever continuation. The Immortal Ishtalinga is the kindest and he embraces by eradicating the sins of the people who surrender to him.

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