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Kind notice to the followers of Religion

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

If any Religion is spread and accepted all over world the practices should be identical and practiced universally. The thought, deed and believes should be same from village to the nook and corner of the country. If that is so, the religion stands still with strength. Basava Religion is the religion of the world, follow the Basava TV to attain identical. Basava TV broadcasts only Sharana’s philosophy and sanctity of religion.




The God is being worshipped as per the whims and fancies of people. The pioneers of Shiva cult were Dravidians who were the original (indigenous) resident of India. Dravidians believed God in shapeless and worshipped unseen and shapeless God in the form of Ishtalinga. No temples were being built up for Ishtalinga. The power of unseen and shapeless God was called as “Shiva”. They believed that, Shiva is existing in the form of light in the universe. The believers of such concept the Dravidians day by day started imitating Vaishnava cult and worshipping Vaishnavist Gods together and became polytheistic (the devotees of multiple deities). In the midst of worshiping malty gods, the Dravidians last their basic identity of monotheism (worshipping single deity) Shiva. During such circumstances Lord Basava gaveIshtalinga and showed the light of god in Ishtalinga and hence he stopped Polytheism (worshipping of multiple deities). Basava and Sharanas articulated that, when there no shape for god; the god resembling man and idols should not be worshipped.

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