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All charitable, trusties, religious scholars

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

All charitable, trusties, religious scholars, religious preachers, head of Maths, Moulies, Christian Fathers, Saints and Gurus (Religious Teachers) should pray and meditate only one god and teach such meditation. Knowledgeable scholars who teach moral, spiritual and education of yoga should serve the society without selfishness.


If that is so, our land of India will become the land of heaven. If that is so, Indians can be converted into divinely human beings. If the Indians march in this direction immorality of the world can be reformed, nonviolence can be turned into peace. Prosperity, peace, fully satisfied life, co-life, equality and brother hood can be established. Come let us all strive for this noble deed. Come let us say no for tomorrow or day after tomorrow, come today itself, come for your sake, come for the sake of your near ones, come for the sake of your local people, come for the sake of your country. Let us march towards Indian triumph and triumph of the world. Come today without saying tomorrow; come right now without saying today. This is an invitation from Shanaranas.


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