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Shri. Krishnappa established the “Basava Thatva Prachara Prathistana

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Shri. Krishnappa belongs to Tumakuru Dist. and he completed his education in Bengaluru. He is the stanch disciple ofBasava philosophy, there is none photograph of any God except Basavanna in his house. He has studied Vachana literature,

Shri. Krishnappa belongs to Tumakuru Dist. and he completed his education in Bengaluru. He is the stanch disciple ofBasava philosophy, there is none photograph of any God except Basavanna in his house. He has studied Vachana literature, the philosophy of Sharana such asAstavarana, Panchachara, Shatsthala stupendously and implemented them. He has understood worshipping Linga and Shivayoga scientifically. He experimented scientifically on the importance of Shivayoga on human body, and created

the graphics and Shivayoga photos. Such photographs have been accepted and appreciated by most of the philosophers. Shri. Krishnappa established the “Basava Thatva Prachara Prathistana

A Public Trust and started propagating Sharana philosophy. with ample of systematic plans. He published tiny hand books to provide the scientific clarification about Monotheism. Further he has published books and distributed them all over Karnataka to understand the scientific importance behind Ishtalinga and to create awareness about method of worshipping Shivayoga and Linga Puja. He prepared evidentiary photographs of Sharanas and skits on pilgrims.

Shri. Krishnappa dreams to educate about the philosophy of 12th century Sharanas by utilizing new technology of T.V& social medias, ottp , Hence he has gone ahead to establish social media and You Tube Channel. But later he presumed this may not effectively spread the philosophy of Sharanas and decided to open a T.V. Channel. But to open a T.V Channel at least fifty core is required. How to mobilize the money? He went on thinking. Under such circumstances his well-wishers advised him to consult renowned Matas and Matadishas to seek their helping hand. As per the suggestion Shri.Krishnappa went to all the Mathadishas of Karnataka, but none of them accented the plan of opening T.V. Channel. Disappointed Shri.Krishnappa went to the door steps of business eminents and politicians there too he was not respected. “The reason is presently it is not such easy to run a T.V. it is very difficult even running news channels under such circumstances who will watch your religious T.V. Channel Krishnappa, they advised and sent him back with disappointment”. Shri. Krishnappa was worried at that juncture. When he determined to start T.V. Channel at any condition to spread thephilosophy & Religion of Sharana’s, his loyal wife Mrs. Yashodamma and his children accompanied him. They understood the ambition and foresight of his father about religious deed and stood with him. “Let us sell our family property, we do not mid to lead our life by labour but you should not worry.” They said and provided confidence in him. At last they sold their family property and started Sri Basava T.V. Channel.

Even though it was not sufficient to run the T.V. during such crucial situation he was forced to sell his big property C.B.S.E. School with the strength of one thousand students situated in one acre land. At the end he sold his sole source of family income C.B.S.E. School too. Finally he invested that money and started Shri Basava T.V. on 26-01-2017. Now it has been broadcasting all over Karnataka, and world.

Now no advertisement is available to strengthen monitory condition. Sri Basava T.V. is the Public T.V. and T.V. of devotees of Basavanna, Sharana Religion and especially down trodden people. Vachanas were written by the Sharanas of 12th century who came from down trodden society therefore Shri. Krishnappa has framed a new plan to run this T.V. that let all the people of the society can runSri Basava T.V. he is articulating.

He says, there is no ownership for Sri Basava T.V. it is a Public T.V. Channel. He prepared the Public Trust envisaging in By Law that, there is no any kind of right either to his children, or blood relatives or kith and kins on Sri Basava T.V.

He has written his heart felt desire during his life time in the By Law that, Sri Basava T.V. ever belongs to the achievers of Sharana’s philosophy, to the achievers of Basava Religion and to the society.

His future ambition isto construct a well furnished studio for Sri Basava T.V. by naming Vachana Pitamaha. Dr Pa.Gu. Halakatti and at the same time to construct a big SharanaBhavana to spread Sharana Philosophy& Religion in which to open training college of Sharana Philosophyto train teachers for spreading Basava Religion. He has many constructive plans such as training the experts to practice rituals as per the philosophy and ideology of Sharana Religion, opening the manufacturing unit of sacred Vibhuti and so on and so forth. Therefore he is appealing to obtain co-operation and kind hearted monitory help from every society. Sri. Krishnappa is of the opinion that all the people of Karnataka are the heirs of Sharana’s. Further he is appealing before everyone come let us fulfill the dream of Sharanas with the collaboration of every society. Therefore it is of the opinion of Shri. Krishnappa that, Sri Basava T.V. should not be the T.V. Channel of only the Lingayaths the Veerashaivas it should be the T.V. Channel of all the castes, groups, exploits and especially Kannadigas. Rs. Two lakhs is required every day to run Sri Basava T.V. He decided to run the T.V. by the amount which is being collected from the annual membership fee paid by one lakh membership of Sri. Basava T.V. Shri. Krishnappa has believedpeople will co-operate as per his expectation. Sri Basava T.V. has been started by the scarification and effort of a family and he is optimistic that it would not be difficult to run the T.V. if thousands of helping hand collaborate with him. He says presently the T.V. is being run without any advertisement; one fine day the people themselves will come forward for the progress of this T.V. If all the Matadishas of the state and leaders of every society strengthen hands,to this T.V. will be run and Sharana Religion will be spread all over the world as per his anticipation.The helping hands can give the missed call to the Mobile No. 8505 876 876 details of the membership will be intimated.

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