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Human internal and purification can only

be created as a human universal development and a value based society. Quality, ethics, the love of God and the ritual of religion should be the roots of society.


     Krishnappan is a former urban council member, Youth Award winner in Social Service and Basavabhushana Award winner. Being a devotee of Basava, he has done many things for the promotion of Basavadharma. TV is not convinced that if the religion of Basava is not propagated through visual mediums, the growth of the Basava religion will be stunted. Trying to promote religion through the media. In view of the numerous media outlets, many TV people are convinced that they are not promoting the principles of Basavaism. Krishnappanna and his Dharmapatni Sharan Yasavana, who has surrendered to the TV channel, have faith in Basavanna Sarana and bravely believe that Basavanna Sarana will take over the TV channel. Have started. He was followed by his guru, Ilakal Chittaragi, the venerable mahantas of the Vijaya Mahantesh Math and the venerable Basavalinga of the Balki Hiremath and the Blessed Siddharan Sharan of Beldara. Standing in support of the channel is the director of the Basava Dharma Promotion Foundation.